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Get to Know Us


Piragua believes that Colombia is much more than coffee,
emeralds, flowers or drug trafficking. We believe that
Colombia has a lot of products of the highest
quality. We want to teach everyone about Colombia from
a more open experience, fit for all audiences.
We believe in the quality of the handmade product
crafted by experts. Believe in the importance of
sharing knowledge about the Colombian identity and
all its variety. It is a brand that truly loves Colombia.


Let's be honest, knowledgeable, loving
Cultural, artisanal, thoughtful
Contemporary, open, appealing!

Nicolás began to start to work on the idea of Piragua in 2022, and after a lot of headaches, inspiration, laughs and cries, in 2023 he found a great location in WQW and the dream was ready to began.

Nonetheless, Piragua is a dream came true thanks to a bunch of special people! Staff, family and friends are the core of this adventure, that just began.

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